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Emmaljunga Wheel Hub Centre piece


Genuine Emmaljunga Spare Parts for your Emmaljunga Classic and Deluxe Chrome Chassis

Wheel Hub Centre piece to fit both Emmaljunga 12.5″ Classic Wheels and 14″ Deluxe Wheels

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About Emmaljunga

Our Emmaljunga Wheel Hub Centre spare parts are designed and handmade in Sweden.  Emmaljunga has been making prams since 1925 in Sweden and the family owned company has the world’s oldest pram factory.

  • We have made a choice to keep production in Sweden and Europe.
  • Our owners spend large amounts of money each year in product development.
  • In a time of mass production, above all our strong brands stand for more than just good quality.
  • Our customers and suppliers appreciate our responsibility and commitment therefore they go before growth and market share.
  • With the core values of safety, quality and sustainability,  Emmaljunga is a beloved brand in large parts of the world.

Emmaljunga Wheel Hub Centre piece to fit both Emmaljunga 12.5″ Classic Wheels and 14″ Deluxe Wheels

Only use a genuine Emmaljunga Complete Pram Wheels spare part with your Emmaljunga pram.  All other parts will void your warranty.

See more about the Emmaljunga brand and therefore our full range of products on the official Emmaljunga Website:

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  • Our factories use fossil free heating, and produce our own energy through our solar plant on the roof of our factory.
  • They have a closed water system when making our prams
  • As a result, our way of making our prams ensures that no pollution reaches any external drinking water.
  • Then we recover heat from manufacturing and use it to keep our factories warm thus conserving precious energy.